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Memories we won't soon forget. I guess we could really just say that about the entire trip! That leads us to the snorkeling and diving itself. You saw an image or two already, this place is off the charts. I keep saltwater reef tanks so I am quite familiar with coral and tropical saltwater fish. Many of the exotic coral I keep are imported from places like Fiji, Indonesia, and Australia. That was part of the reason I was interested in going to the region. Since my wife is certified to dive it was about as perfect as you could get. Tropical, warm water, sandy beaches, great underwater opportunities, and an exotic location! The reefs did not disappoint either. Since my wife could go deeper (Scuba diving) than I could snorkeling she got to see some of the insanely colored soft corals the region is known for. Fiji is one of the top dive destinations and known as the soft coral capital of the world. Me personally, I wanted to see the stony corals. Though not quite as colorful (though I think that is not entirely true – some were amazingly colorful) the stony corals are the true reef builders. Table corals, aptly named because they spread out as they grow like a table. They were huge, some 6’ across or more! Forests of branching staghorn corals as far as you could see sometimes with chromis (fish) swimming in and out of them  The vastness of it all was hard to comprehend. At home (and the office) we have a tank area of about 2’x 4’ filled with coral. A big colony in captivity may be 6 or 8 inches across. So can you imagine (maybe) the experience of swimming over colonies several feet across covering reefs that spanned acres or more in size? It was amazing to say the least. So, without further ado, I present you with a series of images I took underwater while snorkeling.

half in

The reef and the island wall.


This was a cool moment - a school of fish swam by at warp speed. Crazy iridescent silver with bright blue stripes.


Blue Chromis




All Suited up!


A nice collection of Table Corals as seen from above.


An assortment of coral species and colors - I think I'm drooling....




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