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Welcome, we're glad that you made it to this page. No matter how you found your way to this page our goal remains the same, that you find something useful. Maybe just seeing an image that makes you smile or feel Awe. Maybe it will be reading some information that helps you improve your health. Maybe something here will motivate you to take action, get help for a nagging pain that has stopped you from being active or getting outside. Maybe you just need some visual eye candy to make you smile inside, to remind you of the beauty and wonders that exist.

To return to the main office pages click on our logo. To see other images visit my old photo website HERE. To see images of our fishtank in it's early days go HERE. These images are copyrighted, so please respect that. Images are available for purchase upon request. Additionally our patients will be eligible for a monthly raffle to win a print.

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but no, we're still not done!

! A close up of some coral. I couldn't hold my breath long enough to be sure if it was a coral or colonial polyp - but it was huge. It must have been over 12'x12' in size of this stuff!

More tables, and a few other corals.

Got coral?

A collection of Christmas worms

and we'll end the diving section with one of my favorite images....

3 of the 4 Cuttlefish I saw

They dropped me off somewhere nearby to do my thing (snorkeling). Well I am not more than a minute in the water and I see 4 cuttlefish! Cuttlefish are squid like. They have tentacles that extend out in front of them with fins that emerge about halfway back on their sides so their tail end looks like a spear (almost).  Maybe the coolest thing about them is the way their sides flicker with lights. They are like little UFO’s! I think the colors change based on their moods and they are quite intelligent too. So as you might imagine once I started swimming after them to get pictures they swam away. However, they were curious. They always kept the same distance from me. Finally I smartened up and stayed still, waiting for them to check me out. Sure enough they moved in closer to check me out. It was a very neat experience to say the least.

In the same Area Juanita got see the “Clownfish condominiums”. Apparently it was wall just filled with red bubble tip anemones hosting clownfish. I don’t know if it was too deep or I just never made it to the right areas but I didn’t get to see that. I can tell you though I never knew I missed it because there was plenty to keep me occupied. Even on the beach in front of our Bure I saw stuff. Baby sea snakes, a moray eel, and some awesome hermit crabs.




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