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Welcome, we're glad that you made it to this page. No matter how you found your way to this page our goal remains the same, that you find something useful. Maybe just seeing an image that makes you smile or feel Awe. Maybe it will be reading some information that helps you improve your health. Maybe something here will motivate you to take action, get help for a nagging pain that has stopped you from being active or getting outside. Maybe you just need some visual eye candy to make you smile inside, to remind you of the beauty and wonders that exist.

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and, it wouldn't be a resort without a pool would it?

ah, not that we spent much time lounging....

All you had to do was swim out about 50ft and this is what awaited you....

or even just about 5ft offshore! I had just got wet and was checking my masks fit when this guy arrived out of the debris!

The last story I have to share is about a crab without a home. Apparently some of the hermit crabs are not picky about their homes. Take this dude for example. He just made himself at home in a plastic container!  Most others hermit crabs were more demanding.

Sorry it's blurry. We came across him walking to diner and only had the flashlight and Juanita's P&S camera with us.

One I saw offshore was in one of the most beautiful shells I've ever seen. We also had one in our room. A shell-less hermit crab at that. Apparently it took quite a liking to Juanita’s shell collection too. We woke to some noise and there was this crab on the floor sorting thru her collection. Oh, my wife was very concerned. She was working really hard on that collection and had gathered some pretty sweet looking shells. Well this crab had good taste as well and wasted no time in going for her most prized pieces. Oh it was funny, watching my wife talking to this crab trying to persuade it to take a different shell. She even went as far to offer it a few other options. Being to loving giving person she is she was fully prepared to make the sacrifice of he “best shell” if that what was what this little homeless crab would choose. The choice was made, he wanted it. He flipped it over and simultaneously my wife's smile faded and he tried to slide into it. My wife’s smile slowly returned as she informed this little crab that as much as he like that shell it was too small for him! It didn’t take long for the crab to make that assessment itself and finally it moved along on it’s way to where ever it would go. Sadly for us that was also our departure day. It ended up being another one of several amazing memories we gathered over the course of the trip.

As our parting shots I leave you two images.

One of the amazing lushness we saw both above and below the water...

and one of some staghorn coral and fish. Two Green Chromis nestled together within the safety of the coral branches. May they guard that place along with our memories that their image will forever trigger within us.

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One last parting image of a sign at the local school. Very well said I think.




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