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and so it went, eat, sleep, walk to another area, eat, and sleep some more. If you are patient enough though there were some very cute interactions between the eating and sleeping. Bonding, and more bonding, again and again. Oh, a little cleaning up too!



Fancy meeting you here..





Hold stilll....let me clean that ear!





Let me clean your nose, and or give you some affection :)



Moms watchful eye.


He was maybe a week to 10 days old here. Proud, watchful Momma!

Moose are awesome. They are quite entertaining, to me at least. They are odd looking, and deceptively HUGE. You just can't grasp it until you get close to one, or see one tower over a car! They are predictable (as much as any wild animal could be predictable I guess). I think a lot of people up here in Alaska really enjoy their presence. It's not great when you're mountain biking or skiing and they're hogging up the trail, but all in all I think we make it work. You can usually squeeze by them, push them off the trail - or take detour if they would yield! At this time of the year with the calves it doesn't get much better. There is nothing quite as enamoring as a baby animal : ). Tonight actually we saw the little baby prancing around literally running circles around it's mom. Then it'd stop, butt heads with her as she was trying to eat. It was funny, you could almost sense mom taking it for a bit. Then in true human form she sort said "knock it off and eat some grass" : ) as she shunned the little dude.


Woke up this AM and found all had not risen for the day yet! Rare to find them both asleep at the same time! Very cute : ).



Come on down and join us. We'll have some wine, cheese, and some great new images for viewing. Now is a great time to come and see the clinic if you've never been, or to come back and say "hello" if it's been a while!



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