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Man how time flies! Geeze, right from spring to late summer, and now the snow is flying! Well, this summer has gone by fast, as did the fall. I did not get out as much as I would have liked, but I did get out some. This should be a few pages worth of catching up for you all.


Cycling - ah, fun times, and good exercise. This year we went out of town and rode Devils Pass up and over Resurrection pass. It was a fun day. We even beat the rain! Yes, not a drop all day, until after we were packed up and leaving the parking lot. How great is that? That doesn't happen often does it? Photos were just with the little P&S and more documentary style. I opted to make this trip more about the trip and less about "photography".

The first water crossing

Vast openness - what an amazing landscape!


Lingering snow. We had to walk a few snow fields


Top of the hill!




Lupine in full force!


Fast forward to fall. The annual Denali trip. Well, truth be told this was one of my least favorite trips up north. A lot of factors played a role in that. We had car problems, my wife was short on leave time, I was beat from an onslaught of life's never ending tasks, and the weather....well, it was more less than optimal than usual.


Rain drops


Yes, more rain drops .... we saw a lot of these!


One of the cool things about bad weather is that at some point in time it clears up. If you're lucky enough to be there when it does, you can be rewarded with some beautiful scenes.


Breaking storms clouds.





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