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All in all, it was a good color year. Oh, there was the wind though. If you live up here you know all about it, if not, you still might know about it! We have had a bunch of wind storms this summer and fall. Massive power outages, some people for nearly a week! Tress down all over the place. Sadly it about wiped out fall before it even happened. Strip most of the trees bare. Our timing for Denali was good, but we got hit with some winds too. I would estimate that in the 3 days were there the fall colors dropped by visually by 60% from the leaves being ripped down. I'm sure that varied depending where you were in the park, but it was pretty evident up front.


Nice color, nice light .... truly amazing.


Another composition .... love that leaning snag!



...and what would Denali be with be without bull moose in the fall foliage! Once again, I would say the sightings were down. Maybe because of the rain and wind they were spending more time in the trees and less out in the open.



This guy was Monster ...and of course heading away from us into the trees....

Velvet still draped....

so really early on that was all. Not much, I resorted to taking these pictures.....


LOL - I guess there could be more boring subjects. He was sort of fun to watch and photograph. Not really worth a ride up to Denali for him, but hey, I've been here plenty. Not every trip can be the best of the best.


So the next day we're blessed with some nice light and decent day, except for some wind. We suited up and biked into the park. We managed to find some Caribou and then I dang near stepped on this Ptarmigan. They were fun to watch and photograph.


of course the light was horrible, and they were skittish, but you take what you can get.

He was less skittish, Just kept ambling away, keeping his distance. Never did fly off.


and that about wrapped it up. SOme nice images, and some good times, but it really paled verses last year. Then literally as we're leaving the park, a moose jam. Two bull testing each other out right on the road! They didn't stay there, or visible for that matter very long. Still, it was nice way to end the trip. Well the trip really ended driving home in a torrential downpour, but I like the memory of these two better :).


Well, in the time after Denali there are always the local moose. Once again I was real pleased with the images I got last year in town. This year, well rain, wind, and more wind kept me from getting motivated to go out much. I did go a few times, and really the sightings were scarce. In fact I only saw one bull, and he was like a million miles away. We went out one frosty morning and found these two taking in some sun.

Chilling, or warming up as it may be in the frost.


On another night I went out and saw a cow or two. i was a little bummed at the lack of activity. I enjoyed the bike ride though, and was just chilling enjoying the solitude. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw some movement. I thought it was Ptarmigan at first, but it moved funny. Nope, it was a little Ermine! Fun, only the second one I have ever seen. he was pretty inquisitive too. I spent a good 25 mins with this guy!


We drove down the arm and there was more foliage than I thought there would be. it was way to windy to get any images I was interested in, but as usual crumby weather yielded a nice image.





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