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The good Aurora occurred when we had family and friends in town. It was great, because so many people got to see a good display. It was not so great because we were out and about so I couldn't be on the ready with my camera. I missed many shots, but I am thankful for what I got, and for what they all got to see. For me there is always next season, for a lot of them it may have been the once in a lifetime opportunity. On to the dogs! I usually don't go downtown for the Iditarod start. To many people for me. I did go down the first year I moved up here but being born and raised in NY I have had my share of crowds. Now I tend to go off into the trail system where I can see the mushers and dogs without the crowds. Still, with the Iditarod part of the experience is the ceremonial start, so downtown it was with some family.




It was snowing which was nice. Lots of handlers to keep the teams under control.



Lots of spectators too : ).


As usual the dogs were amped to go! Jumping in the harnesses and making a ruckus.


Once they were let loose they were all bussines!


Let the slobber fly!


The mushers were throwing out dog booties full of candy to the kids.


The dogs however were on a mission!


Still, lots of the mushers extended a hand to give a high five as the teams cruised down Cordova (the street).

I think all in all everyone down there had a good time. It's always an experience.




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