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After the wedding we took off to Girdwood. We had family in from all over the continent and with our work schedules we opted to push the honeymoon back to April. It was nice to unwind dow there. I can still revel in the feelings of relief it was all done and went well, and happiness that it was done and we were "together forever".





Oh yeah, then the count down. We opted to pull out all the stops and head to Fiji. Why? Well what says "honeymoon" more than a place like Bora Bora or Tahiti? After some investigation I found those places were a little to spindy for what we had in mind, and from what I read pretty crowded and developed too. With the saltwater reef tanks I was familiar with Fiji from the corals imported from there. It was less developed, had incredible diving and snorkeling, and was really in a similar climate and geographic location as Tahiti and Bora Bora.

Wouldn't you know it? A week before we leave major cyclones hit! They literally stopped flights into Fiji and were only flying people out! Yikes...I started brain storming for plan B. Where would we go? It's not often I get time off, and usually it's not more than a long weekend. There was no way I was going to let this time off slide by! As luck would have it they got things back in order pretty quickly, flights resumed, and we left as planned. In fact, since a lot of people opted to cancel their trips we actually had room to stretch out on the longest leg of the flight. Here is a taste of what awaited us when we got there.....



Us, after getting drenched in an afternoon rainstorm. We sort of ducked under a rock but it got us a little later anyway : ).


and....since I took some unGodly amount of images I am still processing them! It's taking longer than I though but the good news is that I will be having several pages of them posted once I get them done. Stay tuned.



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