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Fiji Travel – traveling international is good and it’s bad. Neither of us had never been to Fiji before. From what we heard it was like Hawaii was 70 years ago. Still a pristine place, rather undeveloped, and tropical. We also heard that they function on “Island time” down there. Well, without taking up pages and pages with Details I can say the travel part was not fun. After being on planes with actual flying times approaching 20 hours we were on line for the last flight. We were first inline for an overbooked flight and got pushed aside as they boarded everyone else. Then we were told the plane was overweight. Later we found out that our names had “mistakenly” not been transferred to the master list therefore we became the lucky ones to be pushed aside. So after our unplanned extra 7 hr layover with our flight time approaching we watch as crews gather around our small plane. As clouds roll in they cart out a new wheel and start changing the tire on the plane. In the midst of it the heavens open and I see rain pour down like I have not seen in many years. I figure at this point we are stuck for the night. Compounding it, we cannot make any contact with the people that were supposed to meet us, nor with people for the place we are staying at. Nice comforting way to start the trip of a lifetime right? So it goes and we figured there could be lumps and bumps and even purchased travel insurance. None the less it is frustrating to see your limited time slip away before your eyes. Thankfully aside from an extra hour delay after the tire was changed things got back on track. Once we were in the air it soon became time to pinch ones self. Looking at the window revealed sights I had never seen before. Clearly we were not in the North West anymore....



reef and island


reef and island 2


We were met at the “airport” with an updated plan. The “airport” was little more than a runway with a covered office area, small bathroom, chain link fence, and some picnic style seating. Our new home away from home was literally about 3 blocks away, but who knew? You know, after we got settled in and made our way to dinner at a nearby resort everything slipped into place. Soon enough we were on island time ourselves. Well, as much as a mainlander can get to “island time”. Seated on a nice outdoor deck overlooking the water and eating amazingly fresh island style gourmet food made it a little easier. Knowing our new “home” 2 doors down sat on a small bluff with the trees and ocean as our view made it even easier still. Yeah, this place should do, aye?


You can see the solar panels on the roof in the picture above. All the power in the area was either from solar panels or generators.


I will have to admit that waking up to this view in the AM was not all that hard to do : ).


Much to my wife's delight there was a bakery across the street. They had fresh bread daily. Her favorite was a coconut roll.


Every morning shortly after sunrise this gentleman would take his boat powered with a push pole and presumably go fishing. You can see the 3rd, 4th, and 5th islands (or islets if you will). The "3'rd" was not much more than a 30ft run of rock.



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