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The islands mentioned on the previous page – there were 4, or 5 very small islands (or islets) off shore from the area we were staying at. We had been informed the snorkeling around them was quite good. Still, sitting on the deck looking out they seemed pretty dang far away! In the picture below you can see them with the large ones being the 1st and 2nd ones.


Sunrise from our deck : )

Finally, a little intimidated at first, we dragged the 2 person kayak from the rack and started paddling. Soon enough were gliding over small coral atolls with blue fishes darting all over! The color of the water wasn't bad either...nor the warm sun, the breeze, or the view : ).


We finally made it out to the first island and lifted our ride up onto the rocks. I was excited, masked up pretty quickly and stuck my head under the water. I popped up pretty quickly too (I can hardly imagine what the smile on my face must have looked like) to tell my wife “it’s amazing!”, and it was. I have snorkeled in Hawaii and the Caribbean, but I had never seen anything like this before (and this was only our first snorkel. It was an area with mostly soft leather coral that really as far as I am concerned are not as impressive as the stony corals (or the very colorful deep water that my wife saw diving). None the less it was amazing. We ultimately explored all 4 of the islets. We saw sea snakes up close and personal (and apparently wickedly venomous), Christmas worms, fish of all types, sharks, corals of all types, anemones, and the most incredible blue green water you’ve ever seen.


Christmas worms


Damsel with reflection


So this view is rocking my world, and little did I know this was nothing compared to the coral gardens we would soon see!


Lol - then there was the sea snake! Notice my wife's foot in the top of the frame!! This one just swam right past us. About an hour later we were standing there talking and all of a sudden she freaks out and jumps, splashing in the water - she said one went over her foot! A local told us there has never been a report of one biting anyone so that was good to hear - even if it wasn't true.

After a day out on the water we would come back in, watch the sunset, and then go get some food next door. On our walk home we were rewarded with one of the most spectacular views of the Milky Way I have ever seen. We see it pretty good up here up North, and I have seen it quite brightly in Utah as well. Still to look in the night sky and see the Milky way so clearly is always a treat. Especially when you don't need to be wearing a subzero down parker! What I had not seen until this trip was the Big Dipper upside down : ).


Sunset from the backyard


Clouds off shore catch the sun from varied angles.





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