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Okay, I am going to deviate from the photography and trip for a moment. I read something the other day that I think is really worth talking about. It was about lifting weights. I'm a physical therapist and I also have worked out all my life. Things are getting better with the publics perception of weight lifting but I think a lot of misconceptions are still around. Things like women afraid of getting too big, and older folks afraid their bones will snap. This is simply not true. Unless you have some freaky genetics (and I'm jealous if you do) when you lift weights the muscle will not just pile on. The body does not like to expend energy to change and if it doesn't have to it won't. Unless you have a bone weakening disease, or use just horrible form you are not going break bones or tear muscles. Quite the contrary in fact. Lifting weights is great for promoting increased bone density as well as preventing the falls that often causes fractures. The best part about all this is you're never too old to start! In the hospital when I used to work in acute care it would amaze me to see some 60 years olds unable to get out of a chair without assistance. Some of it was their technique, but mostly it was their lack of strength. Use it or lose it! A good chunk of the so called "aging process" is from disuse, it's not "aging". If you are unsure of what to do talk to your MD and get a referral to the clinic. We will be happy to set up with a routine. Here is a link to the story I read: The Strong Survive

Well okay then - now with that "business" out of the way lets get back to the tropics! In addition to enjoying spectacular sunrises from our deck in Taveuni, there was also some other natural places to explore. Places like Heritage Park, home to Bouma Falls.


Sunrise from our deck on Taveuni

Bouma falls was a “must do” while we were on Taveuni. It was in a local park. We took the road trip via taxi and passed thru several villages along the way. I’d say about 2/3rds of the trip was on a bumpy dirt roads. Of course we got up early so we could be there before the crowds. As if there were going to be crowds in Fiji : ), but you never know right?. The falls were pretty cool. I’ve seen many waterfalls in my travels and these were nice, but they didn't rock my world. Still, being in the forest near water is always nice especially when you can do some hiking and get to be physical while taking it all in! Anyway, we were the 1st ones there as planned. As always, with the good comes the bad, right? We had the entire park to ourselves and that was awesome. However, since no one had hiked before us that day all the spider webs built the night before were still intact and waiting for passerby’s, just like us! Luckily for me my wife is awesome. I crashed thru a bunch of webs as we started hiking and just pulled them off me. It was annoying because there were a lot of them, but it was what it was and really was not that big of deal. At some point after I stopped to take some pictures of a lizard she took the lead. She hit one or two of them and then got smart. She got a spider web remover! Genius, absolutely genius. So with her on point away we went.


She had a great eye for seeing the webs and a system for dispatching them. It worked great until we ran into a monster web! In front of us was the biggest most intimidating spider I have ever seen. This thing was no joke! It was probably 3 inches across, or more.


Actually the first one we saw was off to the side of the trail, I think that set the tone and kept us “on alert”. Then it happened, a monster web across the trail! Finally she took a swat at the web and I’ll tell you what, that web was strong! She couldn’t get the web to release from the stick. Where was the spider?? Ah, the spider moved safely away and I was able to then get the web off.  After that one though I think we were both a little more observant our surroundings! The surroundings were worth observing, they were amazing!

Bouma Falls

Lower Falls at Bouma


Hiking Out

We got to the second set of falls and around that time the rain started in. The wind was kicking too so the spray from the falls made it a little cold and hard to take pictures. The rocks were slick as heck too! I went for a quick dip in one of the pools and we managed to get off a picture or two. We were going to head up to the third set of falls. That’s when the rain really fired up! No big deal, we hunkered down under a tree for a while (I think that helped, but not much. It was coming down pretty hard). Once it let up we decided we had run out of time. We needed to meet the cab so we headed on out of there. We passed a few other groups of people on the way out. They wouldn’t have the luxury of the privacy we had, but they wouldn’t have the spider webs either!

Spiders were far from the only creatures we saw. There were frogs, more sea snakes, Cuttlefish, birds of all types, goats, hermit crabs, and probably some other things (like the bats) that I am forgetting. Apparently there are some very cool birds to see down in Fiji. Some islands have more birds than others too. I guess on some of the islands there are Mongoose. Mongoose are an invasive species and from what I read have done quite a number on the native bird populations. None the less we got to see and listen to some cool birds on the islands we were on.  








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