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My, my, my, how time flies! Here we are nearly May and I am just getting these pages up to speed. Never a good excuse, right? However, I offer to you that I got married. As most of you will likely know planning and having a wedding takes some time! Yeash, a lot of time! Although the wedding went off without a hitch and I think everyone had a good time so our efforts were not in vain. We had a good time too. Despite getting pulled here and there barely having time to take a sip of a cold drink, or being able to taste all of the food! Anyway, enough of that. You want to see some pictures don’t you?

First off, the months leading up to the wedding. You may or may not know that Anchorage had a record snowfall this year. Somewhere around 140”’s of it, and that was down in the city. So, we got more up in the mountains. It made for some good skiing, but snowbiking was little tougher. It did make for some spectacular landscapes though. The other part about the winter was if it wasn’t snowing, it was downright cold. It seemed like we had more sub zero and single didn't weather this year too. A few images of the early part of the year.





LOL - and this was early in the season!

Continuing on into the year. As for the Aurora, well it was a good year. Not that we saw that much of it. Clouds, seems like whenever Aurora activity picks up the clouds roll in. Those of that followed my ramblings last year will read that and feel the pangs of familiarity. As you might guess Norway and the areas in Scandinavia had Aurora O’ plenty. Moaning and groaning aside I need to admit that I saw more Aurora and better displays of it this year that I have in many years – so I can’t really complain that much.

oh yea









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