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Welcome, we're glad that you made it to this page. No matter how you found your way to this page our goal remains the same, that you find something useful. Maybe just seeing an image that makes you smile or feel Awe. Maybe it will be reading some information that helps you improve your health. Maybe something here will motivate you to take action, get help for a nagging pain that has stopped you from being active or getting outside. Maybe you just need some visual eye candy to make you smile inside, to remind you of the beauty and wonders that exist.

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Man, seems like forever since I went out "to take some pictures". Life just took off and I just wasn't making the time is what it came down too. The weather was perfect the other day. Partly cloudy with little breeze. I meandered out to the yard flowers and took some pictures. The creative juices started flowing and I couldn't help but go up one of the nearby trails and look for that shot I had envisioned. We had rode past some Lupine fields and I was hoping to go back and look for a good image there. It was the same area we were trying to get to when we ran into that Black Bear. Despite tired legs from riding the night before, and knowing dang well it was late in the evening so wildlife would be on the move, I went for it. Thankfully aside from nearly getting run over by a moose - all went well!

Ironically enough it was all the noise I was making to let the bears know I was around that spooked her! Honestly, at first I didn't know what it was. Just that it was big and tearing thru the brush, heading right in my direction. She busted out onto the trail about 10 feet in front of me and then ran down the trail for about a half a mile. Man, the things we do to "get the shot". I enjoyed taking and looking at the images though (except the brief Tachycardic moment with the moose) I hope you enjoy them too!.






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