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Ah, the fishing - what a spot! The river was full of Salmon making their predestined journey. It was a slightly early and strong run from what I was told. The bears had plenty of choice places to fish from. Some just sat and waited for the fish to come to them. Some of the bears just sat at the bottom (or top) of the falls. If a fish "went for it" and didn't make it they would just grab it as it got pushed back downstream.




Others, like "Plunger" had more active adventurous methods!



No matter what the method, patience was a part of it. They didn't seem to lack that either. They would just stand there without moving in what was pretty frigid waters for 5, 10, 15 min's sometimes. Must be helpful to have all that fat and fur!





The reward? Fresh Fish!


Of course if you didn't want the fish, Caviar was also on the menu. In the picture below you can see why the Gulls were all over. Plenty of food being spewed this way and that. This was a bountiful place! I'm not sure how much of an actual impact the bears have on the ability of the fish as a whole to successfully spawn, but considering this has probably been going on 10's of thousands of years, likely not much. It's one those amazing things in nature where actions occur that seem wastefully but where many, many benefit.


Caviar anyone? You could literally see it stream out of the fish sometimes - like above.



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