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Like I mentioned earlier, there were Eagles all over. Over 100 sighted from our campground one morning. They we not the only ones around to take advantage of the bounty either. Apparently last year there was a fox den right inside of the campground. We had no such luck this year but did get to see a lone wolf on the river bank. No one seemed to pay him much mind, except the photographers : ).



With all of this action it was not really a safe place for "little ones". One brave momma did come up the river a ways. She kept pretty clear from the main fishing area though. Even quite a bit down stream we could see her having success fishing. That or she was grabbing the half dead or dead fish carcasses that were floating down her way. These cubs were not from this year, still they were small and at risk. They were on the watch all the time as well as their mother. It was odd that at times I saw other bears run from her, and at other times I saw the family run from single bears. From my vantage point they all looked the same but clearly some were seen as more of a threat than others. If I remember the guide's information correctly he said that unlike Lions and some other animals Bears do not kill off cubs to get the female to go into estress. I don't remember if he ever did tell us the reason they do it but apparently it is not all that common.


All clear?


What else can I say? All in all it was a fantastic experience. Ah, yes, the"scare". Well we were on the "lower platform" and down there visibility is limited. There are trails on either side of the rock ledge that the bears use to go up and down to the river. They can be only 5 probably 10 feet away at times. Well this one bear came out of the water with a rather large fish. I am not into fishing and I was just amazed at how large this fish was. The bear walked right in front of us and was going up the trail on the right side of us. I was last in line, on the right side...... Well, when the bear was directly next to me it dawned to me that as big as the fish was, it was in the mouth of a huge grizzly bear; and they were less than 10 feet from me! Right about that time the bear stopped, looking me dead in the eyes. I swear I though it thought I wanted it's fish! I stood my ground, probably because I couldn't move, I'm not sure. After our brief eye contact (that seemed to last forever) the bear went on it's way. I didn't have time to even take an image. It was actually too close for my long lens to have focused on it anyway. As soon as the bear started on it's way the guide, who was right above me watching it all gave me a figurative pat on the back for not making any sudden movements and scaring the bear! All was well on the viewing platform as it has been for some 40+ years. Not many places in the world where you can have an experience like that. Overall it was quite an amazing experience and something my fiance and I will cherish forever. Not sure I want to be that close to a bear again but it was neat that I was!



Fall is officially upon us, at least up North. I usually head up to Denali National park this time of the year. I'm starting to lose count of the number of times I have been up there but as a general rule, the trip is really never the same. You just never know what you will see! Lets hope this year is as fruitful as last year was!



Fall colors up at the front of the park


Dall Sheep at Polychrome - turns out a wolf pack was in the area and that got them alert!


Denali 2011 - well, I'm still sorting images and have a host of other things going on, however, we're back. The trip was a good one. Not as many images taken this year as last but I am happy overall with what I got! Here's a quick post but there will be a lot more narrative and images coming really soon!


Mountains as far as the eye can see, falls colors, and partly cloudy skies....does it get any better?



The reds were not all on the ground either: )



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