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Like most things in life with the good comes the bad. We had a bus driver on the way out who wasn’t too keen on stopping long for photo ops, we had the rain event, had some issues with the bus schedule due to me making last minute changes, and the bugs, but even with that the good outweighed the bad. Some of the better highlights were these: seeing the Northern Lights, seeing a Golden Eagle swoop down on a Ptarmigan, some good close sheep and bear viewing (too bad the driver wasn’t willing to wait long for most of these … lots of missed photo ops because of that), some nice Bull Moose, Bull Moose rutting (I could hear their antlers clashing even though they were so far away I could hardly see them and it was too dark for photography!), a Harrier over the campground, a porcupine, two great horned owls calling to each other (I found one of them perched on a tree top – it was HUGE), and a spectacular day of seeing “The Mountain” (of course the day we were going out of the park!). All in all the colors were good, maybe a little past peak, but still spectacular.  It’s not exactly around the corner from home but it is within a reasonable distance.  How lucky for those of us who live here. It is one of the perks of being here so remote from the many other places easily accessible to those in the lower 48.


Northern Lights - notice the Big Dipper in the upper left of the image.

nl tent

Our Temporary home : ) - not too bad of a view aye? And it was still above freezing (barely).


If you think he looks big here, you should have seen him standing next to a car! Downright scary!


This for me sums it all up - fall colors, mountain back drops, and beautiful animals with huge racks ready for battle.


Unlike last year where a bunch of Rams got spooked by some wolves these guys were just casual and grazing.



A Bull Moose peers out from within the woods

So that about sums it up. I hope that this journey of words and images was fun for you. It was all in all a most memorable experience for us. Cheers : ) .

PS - keep your eyes on the skies - the Aurora forecast for late this week and weekend is looking good!




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