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Well, turns out the Aurora a few weeks ago when I posted the Denali Pics was pretty good. Sadly I was out of town. We did have another burst of activity last night (starting the morning before). Once again though AK got snuffed ... the main impact of the Solar event was about an hour after sunrise here (so we couldn't see it :(). Then, all was looking good for tonight and just around prime time the activity started to dwindle. None the less we did get some very bright arcs with good color, even a triple arc, but the serious outburst I await still eludes me.


A promising start


Getting Intense


Clouds, city lights, an arc and some diffuse rays

The Aurora wasn't the only thing active this late in the evening either. We drove past a Moose browsing some brush, and then in our neighborhood a black bear poaching someone's garbage! Someone had put food trash out in a black trash bag and I guess the temptation was just too great for him. It's risky enough putting garbage out the night before in the can, but a bag? Sadly the one who pays for that mistake will be the bear. If he becomes habituated to people food then he might get tagged as a "problem bear". We tried to run him off, and he did actually run off, but took the dang bag with him!


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