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Moose – you just have to love these gangly creatures! They are a little silly looking, yet at times they can be quite majestic and regal looking as well. Growing up on the East Coast in the Tristate area I’m used to seeing deer (or I guess rats in the city too). Deer of course are much smaller than moose. I think that unless you have seen an Alaskan moose up close it is hard to conceptualize just how large they are. Moose are in fact the largest animal within the deer family, and the Alaskan Moose the biggest of them all.  For those of you not Alaska here’s a good example of just how big they are. Not something you want to see in your lane as your cruising down the highway at 60 or 70 mph!


Even with as big as they are, if you can believe it, they can be hard to spot at times. Ask any hunter and I am sure they will be happy to tell you just how quickly an animal that can reach 1500 pounds can just disappear into the foliage. These animals can be 7ft tall at the shoulder! Unfortunately, on both bike and foot I have come literally face to face with them. On more than one occasion at that. Thankfully we always went separate directions and neither party was hurt. I can tell you this though, they are BIG animals.


My favorite time to look for moose is in the fall. They have shed their velvet and their antlers are bone white. This makes them a lot easier to spot. Just look for the rack …..


And the animal itself can’t be very far : )



In the fall you can have some killer colors, and the bugs are usually wiped out too. This makes for a very pleasurable time outdoors. Better dress warm though, it easily drops into the 20’s, sometimes the teens during Alaska in the fall!  To get to this action some effort needs to be put forth. On occasion these beasts can be seen cruising right thru the heart of the city too. This season wasn’t too bad on the suffer meter. My fingers went numb only once (and when the pain kicked in from the sensation returning there was this small part of me that wished they had stayed numb!). I tore my leg up pretty good bushwacking through the Alders once, and nearly flipped over my bikes handlebars once too. Key word in that last sentence was “nearly”. Thankfully I was going pretty slow and was able to catch myself. There is something to said about that saying "keep your eyes on the road" (though if I had a 29'r maybe I would have just rolled over it .... maybe I just need a new bike (wink). There were only a handful of times that I went out and came back empty handed (photographically). Overall the moose were out en mass this year. We had some awesome sightings up at the park, and also here in the Chugach range.  There were some monsters out there!



So I have been doing this for a while now and wanted a slightly different “set” this year. I was looking for more interaction between the animals. Also I wanted more images of them in the environment as opposed to just portraits. So literally a few thousand images later I feel I was successful. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I still took advantage of the opportunities for nice portraits too!






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