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So, back to the showing off of the antlers. There was no saying on how close the proximity of the moose had to be to one another before those head tilts did their job of intimidation. Sometimes it was pretty close and I think maybe the glaring eyes and flattened ears helped make the point more clear when in close range.




It didn't always come to a clash though. Sometimes a simple touch of the nose sealed superiority.


The only real rutting action I saw this year was between some of the smaller bulls. Preparation for the years ahead I suppose. Actually I did see some big boys lock up but it was way to dark to capture it on film. Sometimes I couldn't even see them but I could hear their antlers crashing together from deep in the darkness! Those big guys I’m sure know what they have to risk and don’t engage unless fully required. In fact in reviewing my images it became clear that one of the bulls I saw back down a few times was missing an eye. It looked like an old injury, but moose do get hurt, sometimes killed during the rut. In Denali NP they have a set of moose skulls and antlers locked together on display. They apparently clashed and were unable to pull themselves apart. I’m sure it wasn’t long before the bears and wolves took over and sealed their fate (and ended their suffering). One of the moose’s brow tines can be seen prominently piercing thru the orbital socket of the other moose’s skull. That couldn’t have felt good.


Practice sparring


Don't go thinking the ladies were all timid and nicey, nicey. The girls were not all that friendly at times either….They could get pretty aggressive in their own right.

Another cool thing besides the interactions between the cows with each other was them with the bulls.




It was funny to see them be all flirty …. Like this one rubbing her head in the trees after the bull left a scent marking there.


Or rubbing up and snuggling if you will with their man of the moment.


The happy couple.

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