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Sometimes it wasn't all about the moose either. I think it often isn't just about the moose, it's just about being out there. Being away from it all, taking in nature in all it's amazing beauty and splendor.

Moonrise over the Chugach! I had just packed my gear as it had become to dark to take images any more. Then Is aw the moon crest the mountain and scrambled get my gear back out before I missed this moment! I got it : ).

Not much later. Minutes actually it became almost too bright to shoot without losing the detail. The last frame before that happened.

The parting shot - Alpenglow on the peaks with a big bull in the grasses below.


My oh my how time flies! Well, I guess it hasn't been all that long but the seasons fly up here. At least the transitions between them do. The landscape is a far cry from the images above! Winter is here, and it's coming in hard and fast. Not that I mind that, in fact I dig it. Plenty of exercise opportunities in the snow, not to mention the exercise of moving the snow itself! This year is off to a killer start regarding the snow. I have over 16 inches of the stuff clinging to my deck rail and that is only a fraction of what has fallen already this year. Jeeze, it's barely the middle of November! Wish we would get some Aurora to go with this snow. If anyone is listening, that's a request. Until then I'll just be out Fat Tire biking, skiing, and watching the local wildlife.


A winter wonderland when I first went out. It was still snowing in fact.


It made for some awesome ski conditions though.

As I was nearing the end of my ski it began to clear some. Nothing like fresh snow against blue skies!

I for sure was not the only one busy either!



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