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Febuary 2011 - Well, finally! After an eternity (okay, really about two years) we had a pretty good Auroral display. (bling), yes, that is the brightness from the smile on my face. Though activity has been on the rise for over a year we have either have had bad luck regarding the timing (during daylight hours) or have been clouded in during the outbursts (I've seen some amazing images from Norway though).

It is hard to explain the feelings and awe of seeing a good display. Though this was not a top 10 viewing for me it was still the first time I have seen the Aurora top the mtns here in probably over two years. That's a long time to wait! Sadly I was ill prepared, my headlamp MIA. We arrived just as the substorm was starting to peak and there I was on a moonless night floundering in the darkness trying to swap out a lens and manually focus as the sky was rippling with piano like keys of green and magenta. Ah, well, so it goes. I still managed a few decent images and all in all it was pretty exciting. Just as exciting was that when I got home I could still it, from my bedroom window :).





The Aurora Borealis over the Chugach Mountains in Anchorage Alaska


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