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March 2011 - Alaska is known for so many things. For those who don't live though it seems that a lot of misconceptions are still abound. The cliche of us getting around by dog sled and living in Igloos thankfullly has subsided. The fact that Anchorage is not in total darkness 6 months of the year I think still persists.

One thing that most folk know about though is that this is home of the Sled Dog race the Iditarod! What most don't know about is the Iditabike. It is either a 300 or 1100 mile bike race that travels the same route. A freind of mine is doing the 300 miler, go Bill! Anyway, back to the dogs. Some love the idea of this race, some hate it. Having been to it a few times I can tell you that it looks to me like these dogs love it! I've been downtown to the main start a few times and it is crazy down there. The energy is off the hook. That goes for the people as well as the dogs! The year before last I went to another spot hoping to get away from some of the people. No dice, there were so many people they even had Port a-potties set up. This year I decided another approach would be best. I got on my Fat Tire bike and rode the trail system. There are several places where the bike/ski trails cross each other and I figured I could see some of the teams there. I was right, and it is funny how few people are around when you have to travel a longer distance and get away from Terra Firma.

So now that all those bikers and skiers have paved the way to Nome the Iditarod Dog Sled Race is under way!






Spring is here? Well in Alaska that can still mean snow. Though with our light snowfall this year it is melting fast. Usually the little critters just cruise on the top of the snow. Well this little dude junped into the soft snow and but dissapered. Then his head popped out and he "ran", or rather plowed his way accross the yard. One of the funniest things I've ever seen. A squirrel doing a motorboat impersonation!




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