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Our Mission

Our mission at Integrative Physical Therapy is to provide skilled therapeutic services in a comfortable and welcoming environment. We will aim to achieve the most rapid, cost effective, evidence based, and complete recovery possible. Additionally, we would like to provide patient and public education regarding healthcare terminology and treatments. People should understand the purposes of the tests, procedures, and terminology that may be presented or offered to them by us or other healthcare providers.



An easily accessible Outpatient Therapy clinic providing the highest quality, evidence based Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy care to its patients. A clinic that has open communication with the referring physician to coordinate treatment as a team. A facility where a patient's understanding of their specific problem and the treatment for it is considered essential. The goals being: less patient visits thus lowering healthcare costs and avoiding unnecessary treatment. Improved patient outcomes with pain reduced more rapidly. Implementing patient driven self treatment approaches to emphasize self care. Patients being provided the education and techniques they need to speed their own recovery and lower their total cost of care. The emphasis being less dependence on the therapist, and more independence for the patient. This will be done under the professional guidance of a highly trained clinician with advanced post graduate training.