Denali, in Denali National Park- by: Louis Greene
Meet our staff
Hiking Kesugi Ridge, Denali state park- by: Louis Greene
Meet our staff
Cycling on the Parks Highway - by: Louis Greene
Meet our staff

Meet the staff

Louis, MSPT, Dip. MDT

Louis graduated in 1996 with his masters degree in Physical Therapy from Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY. He battled recurrent low back pain himself until discovering the McKenzie method of treatment. It was that discovery, and the results it got him, that shaped his career. Practicing for over 2 decades Louis has worked in a wide variety of settings. In 2002 he moved to Alaska after being hired as the Clinical Director for the Back Pain Center of Alaska. Since then he has dedicated himself to out-patient orthopedics with a major focus on treating spine pain. If you believe experience matters, take comfort in knowing he has a lot!

Louis has done extensive continuing education above and beyond that required by Alaska for his state license. He has taken classes with the gurus of spine research such as Stuart McGill PhD, and Gray Cook MSPT, OCS, CSCS. Beyond just classes, he's sat for voluntary testing of his knowledge via examination. He has attained a certification in PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation), and two levels of certification in MDT (Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, aka. The McKenzie Method (learn more)). He will tell you passionately, that the McKenzie method changed his life. Not only did it help him recover from his own low back pain, the amazing and often rapid results made patient care more exciting. In 2017, he wrote a case study on a shoulder pain patient he saw. After being in constant pain for one month, he helped her become pain-free with a 90% restoration in motion in just one visit (paper HERE).

Louis has lived in Anchorage since 2002. He's an avid (and published) photographer (photography blog page is being updated, but you can see many recent images here ). In recent years, he has also entered the world of custom painting. He has a passion for the Aurora and Denali National Park. He likes to bike, hike, and ski, although he's recently returned to his roots; gym-based training. He is married with two daughters. Louis and his wife are enjoying exposing them to all of the great things the Alaskan outdoors has to offer.

Susan, P.T., ScD.

Susan has been practicing Physical Therapy for 41 years. She currently works with adult men and women who experience chronic pain, posture challenges, and movement dysfunction. Susan has long been recognized for her visionary perspectives in both the art and science of her profession. She is uniquely qualified to provide a holistic approach to healing, especially with regards to pelvic health. She strives to use the most contemporary concepts and techniques along with the tried and true. Her favorite  techniques include myofascial release (MFR),joint mobilization, peripheral nerve mobilization, and visceral mobilization. In addition to her advanced education in western medicine, Susan has studied TuiNa massage and is a certified Qigong instructor.

Susan has also been a patient, so she has first-hand experience about the benefits of coordinating many disciplines and approaches to achieving the final goal of pain reduction and restoration of function without pain.

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