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COVID-19 information
COVID-19 Information:

In accordance with state and federal guidelines we are still operational. We
have taken (and will continue to take) specific measures to ensure the safety of our staff, patients, and
the community (please bring a facemask).. If you are a high risk patient, uncomfortable going out, or for any other reason are not
able to attend an onsite appointment we can provide services via Tele-Medicine.

As a reminder - Alaska is a "Direct access" state. This means that unless your insurance requires it, you
do not need to see your doctor before coming to see us. You can see us directly without a referral. Maybe
now is the opportunity be able to schedule some appointments and address that nagging pain. For
more information or to schedule an appointment call today:(907) 561-1711

Why choose us?

To achieve pain reduction using a simple treatment approach that is logical, non-invasive, and easy to apply. The pain of a nagging or acute injury is often overwhelming and stressful, but the recovery process doesn't have to be.

We are unique.

We are the only clinician owned McKenzie (MDT) Certified physical therapy clinic in Alaska (Anchorage). How does that help you? Results! Learn more about MDT.

Treatment is often fast acting, convenient (you can apply the principles anywhere), and it gives you the tools to treat yourself. No expensive tests, no commitments to 12 weeks of therapy. We specialize in treating neck and back pain. Close to 90% of our patients have a spine related issue. This is what we specialize in, it is what we do day in and day out.

Has physical therapy not helped you in the past, or even recently?

We hear that story a lot. Maybe you have doubts that we can help, or that it will be any different. One of the more common comments we get is how this approach is very different from what patients have had before. Read about the differences and rapids results our patients are reporting here: testimonial page or just scroll down further.

(A 2018 study showed the McKenzie method is "superior to other rehabilitation interventions" (Lam, O., et.al. 2018) for treating low back pain.)

I'm ready to be painfree! Show me how.
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We have soared to great heights and become the first and only clinician owned McKenzie certified clinic in the state of Alaska.

What patients are saying.

"Cured my shoulder, neck, and lower back. I have had pain in said areas for half of my adult life. Louis is truly worth his weight in gold" - M. S.

"After 4 months of lower back pain, Chiropractor visits and drugs I was luckily referred to see Louis. Within 2 visits I was pain free and filled with hope" - David L.

The Mckenzie method is awesome. I have tried all sorts of therapies-massage, chiropractic, other physical therapy - but none were as effective, easy, or self administered"A

"Never considered my shoulder pain to be the result of poor posture. Walked out of my first visit pain free. Amazing. Thank you.” Catherine

"my life is completely transformed. I feel like I finally have the tools to take back control of my life. I'm forever grateful for my time with Louis" - Morgan

"I have had 3 years of PT on my back. In 2 visits here, I learned more about my back than ever before" Daniel P

“I believe after filling out these forms for other back pain therapy facilities, this is the first time anyone has ever paid attention to them, or listened to me” E.B.

"By the end of the session my resting pain is at a 0. I have 90% of my complete mobility back. I am in awe. Before my appointment I had four weeks of chronic constant pain" Amanda W.

I'm ready, get rid of my pain.
Alaska's only clinician-owned McKenzie certified clinic.
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