Be  Strong be  Active, be  Healthy and have a  Plan to stay that way.

Wellness Programs

Let our decades of helping people with pain and impairments allow you to avoid becoming one of them. There are specific things you can do to stay healthier, fit, and have less disability along the way. You have a truly outstanding opportunity to stay healthy and injury free with some simple actions on your part well into your 60's, 70's, 80's and beyond.

Let us run you through a 7 point testing procedure designed to identify faulty movement patterns, then a 4 point core muscle endurance test. We will tailor a program specifically for you. Your program can range anywhere from one or two visits to identify and then target specific deficits, right up to ongoing supervised exercise sessions to ensure you are on track and stay on track.

If you are pain free, and just want to stay that way,  some insurances may pay for Wellness programs. We can design a program based on your physical and financial needs. Call us to discuss your needs.

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