Learn more about our Tele-medicine program
An opportunity to get treatment for people in remote locations or on the go.
Tele-Medicine - physical and therapy for people living remote or just on-the-go.

Modern technology has provided great new opportunities for the treatment of pain. We are proud to be able to offer physical therapy to patients via Tele-medicine. With Tele-medicine visits we provide an evaluation, instruction, and education. We will develop, modify, or individualize exercises, and do many other things to optimize your recovery. Tele-medicine is ideal for patients that live or work remotely. In certain circumstances, we can do this for patients who live locally too. We know you're busy, and depending on where you are in your treatment, this approach may be appropriate for your care.

If you are interested in this type of treatment, please contact us. We are based out of Anchorage, and licensed and registered with the State of Alaska to provide Tele-medicine services. If you are having neck pain, back pain, or most any kind of pain feel free to drop us a line. As long as you have a reliable internet connection we can help. Even if you are located in a bush community.

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