Photography and Videography blog

Come on in and enjoy the video and photographic works of our lead physical therapist Louis Greene. Louis has traveled across the country numerous times in search of the "perfect shot". His works has been published in books, displayed in homes and medical offices. He had the cover image, as well as an honorable mention in the prestigious "Nature's Best Photography" magazine. He's used large and medium format cameras in addition to 35mm, and now of course is all digital. He has done wet darkroom work with both B&W as well as color printing.

Originally from NY, he ultimately settled in Anchorage Alaska. This is where amazing photographic opportunities were abundant, and he could flourish living the outdoor lifestyle he enjoyed. It's not uncommon for him to photograph those amazingly cute moose calves off his back deck. He can capture the Aurora Borealis (aka. Northern Lights) just a few clicks from his front door. Though, he has been know to drive 200 miles or more to find clear skies.

If you enjoy nature, and wildlife then come along for a ride.

Clinical blog

Come see the light. We are passionate about what we do and find the clinical stuff we do all day fun. We enjoy being able to share that information with our patients. We have also found that some patients, actually a lot of them, come to us with gaps in their knowledge. No surprise there, after-all, most of our patients are not health-care providers specialized in physical medicine. Our aim with this section of the site is to provide information to our patients, as well as too anyone else that finds the pages.

These is a lot of conflicting information out there. Some goes against what the research says, and might be considered "wrong". It could even cause harm. Some of it is just opposing views because of the camps they came from, with neither side having been proven right or wrong. They might just be two different approaches trying to achieve the same thing. We will do our best to share information we find relevant as well as take the opportunity to try and dispel a few myths.

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