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Alaska is a direct access state

No referral required. Alaska is a direct access state so you do not have to see a physician or any other provider before starting physical therapy. You can use us a starting point with no referral. We have the knowledge, skill, and expertise to manage your care safely and competently. What we also have that many other providers may not is the ability to offer treatment and pain reduction often on day one without the need for narcotic or other medication.

If you will be using private insurance, it is important to note that some insurance carriers will require a referral after your first visit to pay for any additional services. We will verify your insurance benefits as a courtesy to you during the initial evaluation to determine if this is the case or not. The initial evaluation will be covered because the information we obtain will guide the carrier to the services that will be required. If your insurer does require a referral we have a network of provider with whom we work and can arrange for you to seen and obtain the referral in an expedited manner.

Take advantage of this opportunity and start your physical therapy call today (907) 561-1711 or contact us