This is specialized rehabilitation Equipment, to restore your strength.
MEDX spine specific rehabilitation equipment
MedX - Rehabilitation specific exercise equipment.

The MedX rehabilitation equipment was designed by Arthur Jones, the inventor and creator of Nautilus gym equipment. He recognized that there are significant differences when exercising for rehabilitation verse exercising for fitness. The MedX line of rehabilitation equipment was designed from the ground up specifically for rehabilitation.

There are many things that make the equipment so unique. In particular with neck and back pain patients it is the degree of stabilization the machines provide. Each machine has specifically placed and designed stabilizing pads. This specifically positions your body and holds it in that position to obtain the maximal load on the target muscle groups. Due to the specificity of this setup, the surrounding muscles cannot help you. This is one of many limitations of standard gym equipment. For a patient with pain, or even a history of pain, this is a huge disadvantage. You see the human body can learn faulty movement patterns. If you have a weaker muscle group (such as the ones in your low back or neck) it will just call on a stronger surrounding muscle group to do the work. This may get the job done (move the weight), but it unfortunately allows your weak muscle group to to remain weak. This leaves you vulnerable to injury.

You can be certain when you are using the Med X equipment the proper muscles are being targeted. What this means is a better outcome.

Integrative Physical Therapy and Spine Treatment Center, Inc. is currently the only rehabilitation clinic that has invested in this specific equipment. We have "Spine treatment center" in our name for a reason. We do a lot of it. We take it seriously and have invested heavily in the equipment and training required to do it effectively.

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