1 in 20 patients are mis-diagnosed - are you one?

November 1, 2018

1 out of 20 misdiagnosed, now that's a problem. I see the effects of that all the time too. Patients with shoulder pain, but it's coming from their neck. Patients with months, sometimes years of pain, that is rapidly reducible once you take the time to look for the actual cause. Shoulder pain is often not coming from the shoulder!

Patients, sometimes because of what their doctor told them, assume it's the "tear", "arthritis", or whatever diagnosis seems to be in vogue at the time is what is causing their pain. This is often flawed thinking. Countless studies have been done showing people can have all sorts of pathology including ruptured discs, and rotator cuff tears, you name it, yet they are painfree.

If you have pain and are not getting better, maybe you're just looking in the wrong place. At Integrative Physical Therapy and Spine Treatment Center, Inc we diagnose and treat based on clinical response, not a static picture taken of you laying in a tube

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