Are people who treat low back pain crooks?

May 22, 2017

This was posted by Jason Ward on the Mechanical Care Forum. It a book title "Crooked:outwitting the back pain industry and getting on the road to recovery" by Cathryn Jakobson Ramin. It's no joke when they refer to the treatment of back pain as an industry. Educate yourselves folks. Look for providers who will teach you how to treat yourself. In most cases you should be able to note positive changes in your pain on day one, using tools and strategies the therapist taught you. If nothing else you should get education to understand what is causing your pain, and again, what YOU can do to make it better. Dr. Ron Donelson spoke a lot about this in his book "rapidly reversible low back pain" a few years back as well. If you have chronic pain, there is a very good chance your injury has healed but it healed in a weakened state or you brain may still be acting as if the injury is there (and producing pain when it really shouldn't be). There are ways to identify that, and treat it too.

addendum - 2019. I have read much of this book and I think sadly, Cathryn is spot on. There are a lot of treatments out there with no scientific research behind it what-so-ever. Now, if they were effective that wouldn't be the end of the day. However, much of it is not effective and patients find themselves on the merry-go-round with recurrent pain. This is a good read and I do believe she has a website as well with a forum and resources as well:

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