Back and neck pain treatment simplified (need to know)

October 28, 2019

Life is challenging, and it gets even more so when you can’t bend over, sit, or move without pain. Maybe it’s just an annoying nagging pain that won't go away. Then you seek options and you read horror stories about opioid use, or get a ton of conflicting ideas and exercises. Then there are expenses to consider like an MRI and the time it takes to get to any sort of care.

Allow us to simplify things you. First of all, MRI’s are rarely needed. In fact there is growing body of evidence that is against having them, particularly at the onset of neck or back pain. Medications are not usually needed. Things like muscle relaxants and pain killers just mask the symptoms. Do they make you feel better, sure? Do they actually make you better, no. There are more active strategies that will give you the same or better relief and actually get you better in the process.

So how do we simplify this seemingly complicated issue of neck or back pain and employ these active strategies? We use MDT (Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, aka, The McKenzie Method). Pain is often reduced on the first visit and equally as important, a treatment strategy is identified for long term relief.

How does that work you might ask? One of the reasons many patients are not getting better as quickly as they could is that they are inadvertently doing things that slow the healing process. Many times it’s actually stretches that were recommended, and often its passive things not even considered such as how they sit or lie. The idea of the evaluation is for the therapist to understand the way your pain behaves. it's not enough to just know it's a disc issue, or strained muscle. That's just a diagnosis based on a structure. That alone doesn't identify a treatment. It's the behavior of the pain that does that. That will determine the best treatment approach. It’s a simple process, that takes less than an hour and will provide you with strategies you can use immediately to get better, and stay better.

If you or someone you know are struggling with back or neck pain, call today (907) 561-1711. Often times people become painfree and able to self manage in just a handful of visits. Common statements after one visit are "it's dramatically better", and "I can't believe how simple it was". When you properly match a patients treatment to the problem amazing things happen.

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