Exercise choice matters, a lot.

November 14, 2020

It is common for generic and seemingly random exercises to be prescribed for low back pain. A variety of stretches are prescribed, or one size fits all approaches such as Yoga or Pilates. Then, when they fail to be effective the patient believes that it will be a lifelong issue for them or that they might require surgery.

In contrast, a fantastic study done by Audrey Long (Does the exercise matter) proved there is a specific subgroup of patients where the specific exercises utilized made a huge difference in the outcome. When paired up with the proper exercises, or directional preference (DP) (identified using a mechanical assessment) that group of patients did better on all outcome measures, got faster recoveries, and required less medication. Groups assigned to “nondirectional” exercises, or provided exercises “opposite” to what the directional preference was had poorer outcomes or in many cases actually got worse.

The message here is clear. In order to have the best effect and most rapid results the exercises you do need to be in alignment with your directional preference. A simple evaluation via an MDT (Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy)certified provider can determine your directional preference.

We have seen people with years of pain make rapid turnarounds once they understood some simple principles as they related to their body and specific injuries. The answer does not require fancy tests, MRI’s, or months of on-going care. It requires a simple evaluation with a PT who is trained and utilizes these principles. Do you find that hard to believe? Have a look at our testimonials here and see what some former patients had to say. Call today and get yourself on the road to recovery – 907 561-1711.

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