How to save 51% and avoid injections

January 8, 2021

If you could save 51% on your healthcare cost and at the same time lower the chances that you would require an injection or surgery, would you? If you are most like people I think that you would jump at that sort of opportunity.

If it sounds to good to be true than you might be surprised to learn that a recent study identified those statistics. If that leaves you wondering how then read on.

An evaluation of 5036 cases of low back pain (LBP) were examined and more specifically the type of treatment that was utilized. They found that when MC (mechanical care) was utilized (MDT - Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy) patients got better with a 51% lower cost of care. Additionally a significant reduction in the use of interventions such as medications, injections, MRI's and even surgery was also found.

We spoke in an earlier post about just how important exercise selection is when treating low back pain. It turns out that the same is true for the evaluation and treatment process. It's logical that if you use a tool that is effective at identifying the problem and in doing so provides a treatment that's going to speed things up. That is what an MDT evaluation provides. Compare that to an MRI that is just a static image (that may or may not even show what is actually causing the pain ie: you may have a ruptured disc, but it's really just the pressure and loads you are putting on it that cause the pain, not the disc issue itself).

We are excited that more and more research is coming out that validates what we have seen in the clinic for years. For more information or to start a path to understanding your pain (and how to get rid of it) call today (907) 561-1711. For more information abiout what we do and the outcomes we get explore the rest of our website and the patient testimonials.

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