Recurrent back pain odds triple with 2 previous episodes

February 26, 2019

Back pain recurrence rates have been stated with very wide ranges. This recent paper suggests it is only 33%. Still, that's staggering. That means if you have low back pain (LBP) your odds of getting it again within a year are 33% (or put differently there is only a 67% chance you won't have the pain again in the next 12 months). It goes on to state that if you have had two prior episodes the chances triple that will have it again!

I believe this, and I have lived it too. The issue is we are treating LBP (or it simply gets better on it's own with time) but we are not doing a good job and finishing the task. What I mean by that is as an industry we are not taking the time to remodel the tissue and make it strong again. We are not testing the stability of the recovery. We are not educating patients regarding how they can self treat if they do get hurt again.

That is where the McKenzie approach (aka MDT - Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy) shines. It does do all of those things, and it's what got me off the merry-go-round of recurrent LBP. Getting rid of your pain is simply not enough. You need to make sure you understand what lead to it. Make sure you test the stability of the tissue repair, and learn how to treat yourself. Lets face it, if your on vacation some where and your back "goes out", you're gonna want self treatment strategies, not our office phone number to come get treated!

For more information, to set up an appointment, or even screen your back and the potential for re-injury call us today (907) 561-1711. Take an active role with us to lower that statistic!

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