Skills before Pills

August 3, 2021

I was working with a new patient recently describing how to use self treatment techniques to reduce and alleviate their pain. He smiled and said "perfect, skills before pills". I had never heard that phrase before but I loved it. It was a fantastic example of what we do.

We provide you the framework to understand the problem, what you might be doing to make it worse, and what you can do to make it better. Some people are content just popping pills, but most of our patients would rather not have to rely on medication. Injections and manual procedures can help too, but they don't give you the tools to self-manage. If you are on a distant vacation and your back goes out, would you rather just use skills you have and self manage or drag through your vacation in pain waiting for someone to fix you when you got home? I know personally I enjoy having the skills to care for myself. So what would you choose, skills, or pills?

If you need some skills you don't have yet then give us a call. We are here to speed you on the journey to recovery - (907) 561-1711.

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