Spontaneous regression of herniated discs.

February 13, 2018
Integrative Physical Therapy and Spine Treatment Center, Inc

February 13, 2018 ·

Here is an interesting study that looked at the "spontaneous regression" of herniated discs in the low back (Lumbar spine).

It turns out that generally speaking, the worse the disc is damaged (the more the inner part leaks or is pushed out from the disc) the higher the rate of recovery! Yup, so according to science the worse the damage to your disc, the more likely it is to get better with conservative care. Seems counter intuitive.

Unfortunately what happens a lot of times is patient is sent for an MRI and then leaves worried or concerned about how "bad" their disc is (or the MRI in general). They are not being told or made aware about this rate of recovery. Furthermore, we know people can have all sorts of disc issues on their MRI and be totally painfree (just Google search abnormal MRI's in normal people and you will gets hundreds if not thousands of hits).

MRI's are amazing. They see all sorts of stuff. Sadly, what they don't do for patients with LBP (Low Back Pain), or neck pain is guide treatment, or project outcomes. Makes one almost wonder why they do them to begin with.

At Integrative Physical Therapy and Spine Treatment Center, Inc we prefer the data you and your body will provide. It is real time and always accurate. We learn a lot more about what treatment you need from how you move, and how you feel when you move (with regards to your pain) then we ever could reading a report of what your back looked like with you laying in a tube.

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