Use it or lose.

July 6, 2021

There was a recent article posted on NPR that discussed whether prolonged sitting was as bad for you as it is made out to be. It was an interesting read. While I do not agree with everything the author says, he does bring up some interesting points. I think his main perspective of "we are not active enough" is spot on.

In a chapter of a book I read years ago they said that more than 50% of the deleterious effects we associated with aging are really more related to disuse than the actual aging process. In another paper I have long since forgotten the title and author of, they compared general exercise to core strengthening exercises and the effect on LBP (Low back pain). There was no statistical difference between the two groups.

Here's the truth about what the "best exercise program" is. It's the one you will enjoy and do on a regular basis. A soup to nuts killer program is useless if you don't enjoy it and do it consistently. What about if it's pain that's limiting you? If you can't exercise because it's uncomfortable or painful than it's time to see someone like myself, or another PT you trust. Find what works for you, start out with less than you feel like you can do (on purpose) and then gradually increase over time once you have set the baseline. Here is the important part, make it a lifestyle and commit to yourself by making it a non-negotiable priority. You are better off with a mild to moderate program done regularly over time than that killer program you do a few times but skip all the time because it makes you so sore.

So, get moving, use your body and muscles. "Use it or lose", as the saying goes. If you can't use it because of pain or another physically limiting factor or injury call us today and lets get it sorted out! (907) 561-1711.

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