Why traditional medical care fails sciatica patients

August 14, 2018

The typical medical approach to treating sciatic pain and lumbar radiculopathy is medication and imaging. Sadly neither of these actually do anything to fix the problem. They certainly don’t do anything for, nor change the reason why you are having pain. In fact, some studies are showing it can make your pain worse. You may be living this already, and nodding your head in understanding and frustration, and we don’t blame you. Imaging has become so powerful that it can find things wrong on just about anyone. Furthermore, studies clearly show "abnormal" findings (such as DDD (Degenerative disc disease, OA (Osteoarthritis,) HNP's (herniated nucleus proplulsis (herniated disc), and even spinal stenosis in people that are aymptomatic (have nopain). So, if we can find these findings in normal people without pain, should we be using them to discover and prescribe treatments for someone who has them but does have pain?

I'd say, "no" we should not. Att IPT we take an entirely different approach. We will spend the time it takes with you on day one to understand your pain. How it acts, where it is, and what makes it better or worse. Using that information we will and then moving your body through specific movements, altering your posture, and applying different loads will give us a much more accurate and useful idea of the cause of your pain. That, will not only allow us to make a clinical diagnosis, it simultaneously provides us with the information to implement and start a treatment that will address the issue. Take the power to heal and recover back into your own hands. With our expert help and experience we can not only develops treatment plan specific to your problem, but also one that prevents the problem fro occurring again in the future

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